Donate to protect the Dignity of Women and Girls in the IDPs

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This is ongoing!!!Donate any amount and we will donate sanitary pads to the poor Girls   and Women. Any amount you donate will be used to buy and donate sanitary pads to such women and girls in need. Items  includes a reusable sanitary pad, a set of under wear, bathing soap, shaving stick, deodorant, a branded bag, and a complementary card that has personal care tips.

Members of the IDP camps in various locations having been displaced from their homes due to attacks by insurgents operating mainly in the North-East are helpless members of the society and so at the mercy of the government, philanthropic individuals and organizations to provide for their needs. One major challenge facing the IDPs is their apparent poor state of hygiene For example; we received from the women in fufore town, Adamawa state, where by men stayed away from their wives during their menstrual periods. The offensive odour that emanated from their homes due to poor hygiene practices often kept the men away. Some women simply removed the rags used for menstruation and tucked them under their beds, other women who managed to wash their menstrual rags  didn’t dry them out in the sun but inside their houses to avoid shame in a community where menstruation was considered a taboo.

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