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It has been noted that the excellent qualities that promote good and responsible citizen are fast declining in the country. There is no doubt that the present security crisis across Nigeria is as a result of the decay in national values. The security challenges facing the nation ranges from kidnapping, terrorism, child abuse, human trafficking, militancy, amongst others. It is thus pertinent to better equip young Nigerians with the knowledge about these social vices, how they affect our daily lives, the resultant effects on our collective future and how they can possibly be mitigated.

Due to the challenges posed by the multicultural Nigerian society coupled with the prevailing political and social unrest, characterized by increasing anti-social behavior of different kinds, there is dire need for reorientation. Thus, while the unity and progress of our society is threatened, core values that promote law and order, respect for elders, sanctity of human lives, brotherliness, honesty and tolerance are disoriented. The situation calls for urgent action to curb the rising decay in values, especially among the young citizens starting from the primary school pupils.  Considering the place of education in societal development, HABRIN believes it could be used to transform the society through values orientation to the teachers — the architects of the national development, leaders and the masses. This can be achieved through well articulated policies on values and education; and the incorporation of values education in the school curricula at all levels of education which this project seeks to achieve through your donations.

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