To educate members of communities in Nigeria and on the African continent about their stakes in preserving and enhancing the quality of the natural environment in a sustainable manner by deploying right and effective communication ideals.

To identify, explore, and recommend specific actions to be adopted by government agencies, communities and stakeholders in curbing environmental degradation.

To advocate and partner with businesses in graduating from crude exploitation of environmental resources to mutual interdependence and radical eco-innovation by redesigning their business models to feature eco-friendly processes and products.

To recommend appropriate monitoring strategies as well as provide continuous information regarding the changing nature of the environment.

To bring stakeholders together to work in an open and collaborative manner on how sustainability in the environment can be engendered and entrenched in the consciousness of all citizens.

To research, document and report best practices and strategies that can be adopted to push the bar of maintaining a sustainable environment in Nigeria and Africa.

To provide leadership, value re-orientation and sustainable development through functional Education at all levels.

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